What there was a Big Robber in the wee hours!

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Since Gautam was declared as the ‘Secret chorr’  this was known only to the team robbers, that too by the evening. So, during the wee hours, while most of the guards and chorrs were sleeping, Gautam came into action! He disconnected the television monitor in garden area and started passing the items kept in the museum in the store room as fast as he could. But funnily, Puneet caught him red handed and was completely stunned.Gautam gave him signs about the secret letter he received from Big Boss to bring the twist in the tale. But even after repeated attempts to make Punzz understand, Gautam found a big question mark on his face.


In a funny sight, I saw Gautam telling “Aap ruk jaao mujhe pehle yeh karne do” as he swiftly kept passing on the items. It was a hilarious view. Gradually as Puneet came to know about this, he got shocked! Though he didn’t react in his stereotypical style. After a clear explanation from Gautam,  Puneet couldn’t resist but chuckled in amusement.Yeah! at least Gautam has created that level of affection in his heart that he didn’t lose his temper. Thank you Gautam! In fact He jokingly said “Le le jitna saaman ho sake magar heera toh ab bhi humaare kabze mein hai”. This put smile on Gauti’s face too as they both hugged each other.

This was how Puneet reacted, what will happen in morning by chance others know about it!


Can’t sleep due to curiosity!


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