What? There has been a rift in Tanna and Diandra's friendship?

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Karishma looked a little upset since last evening. Seemingly she wasn’t happy with the comments Diandra passed on in the past about Karishma. During the Q & A session while answering Salman, Diandra indirectly disclosed a comment she made in past about Karishma.We all know how sensitive Karishma gets after such attacks. At that moment she looked pretty cool but there was something else cooking inside her mind.

Diandra and Karishma were found working in the kitchen and gradually they both got into an argument. Karishma snapped at Diandra telling her how she could have such ‘ghatiya soch’ calling her centered and selfish and that she seeks footage when she works in the kitchen. This was revealed while having interaction with Salman. Karishma felt dejected that this could be heard from Diandra’s end. Diandra looked completely shocked at Karishma’s reactions she told her that she was unnecessarily reacting without knowing the story, and where did it start from. For the first time I saw KT so furious over Diandra! KT in her defence said she is not at all attention seeking, and if she is, so are others. Karishma continuously blabbered as she worked but Di after sometime felt like walking out.

She went into the washroom area little hurt. Upen followed her,and it was as if Di waited for someone’s shoulder.*Boohoohoo*She presented the entire picture infront of him explaning what was her intent behind her telling things. Upen who tried balancing friendship with both of them told her “Usska personality pata hai na tumhe?” She further proclaimed that KT was just overreacting to the entire episode. Giving the example of GG she said “Maine past mein Gautam ke bare mein bhi bohot kuch bola hai,maine ussko bola agar jab wo yeh baatein jaanega wo mujhe hate karega”. One piece of free advise Di’, better not reveal that to him or you never know!


Do you think this is dosti mein divaar?


Figure that out tonight @ 9 pm!


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