What? The fight for Rs.25 Lacs still on!

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It came as a shocker when the housemates were shown their own video wherein Karishma was reading out the letter just before the Torture Cage task was starting, that the winning of 25 lacs amount would be related to ALL the tasks that were coming their way after Torture cage task and starting from same. Which clearly meant that the winner wouldn’t be decided based on the person, who won the torture task, but also some more that were yet to come. In fact, Bigg Boss made a stern speech about housemates not paying attention to what the task letter read and came to conclusions. Because, there was the next task introduced to compete for the same amount, just before that the champions team refused to do the task, which required fighting once again for the given amount thinking what they did was already exceptional and doing another task equally difficult was not fair for them as they thought their efforts would go in vain.


Housemates agreed and felt sorry for all their blunders. Now the next task asked the challengers to decide one person from their team and another person from the champions team to compete against each other for the upcoming task. The challengers decided Gautam to be the contender from their team whereas, Sambhavna from the opposite team to fight against each other.


Sambhavna initially refused to do the task but after a lot of brain washing and coaxing, she agreed to give it a try.

It was Gautam vs Sambhavna for the next task! What was the task? Who would win?


Keep watching the episode to know more!


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