What? Sonali did not punish Ali and Gautam for sleeping!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 24th, 2014 at 2:57 pm

Sonali is coming across more like a school teacher than a captain of this house. She is often seen giving punishments like jumping jacks, raising hands or standing in one corner of the house when she finds people sleeping most of the times. But, since it was her birthday and as she wore a pretty outfit , the birthday girl was quite forgiving. Being the second day of the luxury budget task people were extremely sleepy and were caught sleeping every now and then.


So, as Sonali took turns to punish them, she caught Ali and Gautam sleeping in the garden area, but as soon as the lads found her coming over they thought of doing something soon. Immediately, they started taarifon ke pull calling the birthday girl gorgeous and mesmerizing. Sonali got charmed and fell for the pleasing compliments immediately, and gave a look as if she wore an invisible crown. She said,“Main apni taareefon se kaafi khush hun,aur main aap dono ko dand nahi dungi!” Wow! So, all you need to do to please the current captain is just shower her with compliments every now and then. I think they need to be very careful the next time they do any mistake and in case they need to be pardoned! (Winks)




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