What? Karishma misses Sonali and says it's a Love and Hate relationship with Gautam!

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Oh Lord! There must have been some serious ‘Chemical Locha’ in KT’s head when she made a statement like this! I almost fainted in awe! She was working in the kitchen when KT said she was missing Sonali, saying ‘Mast ladki thi, bindaas thi, idhar udhar ghumti rehti thi, she was sweet!’ Dimpy couldn’t believe her ears as she mockingly responded "Haan Haan jab tak wo yahan thi tab toh tumhe hi sabse zyada problem thi ussey." Karishma said, she did not deny she didn’t like her much but with Sonali it was just a love and hate relationship like Gautam! Ex-cuse me Karishma! You meant apna Gautam Gulati? And love? Karishma further said about Sonali, "Usspar kabhi kabhi toh bohot pyaar aata tha!" Ahan, interesting! Karishma was actually missing Sonali! Awww..that’s so sweet Ms.Tanna am sure Sonali when watches this would be truly pleased. The mention of Gautam in Sonali’s topic makes it very clear that KT isn’t bad at heart at all. May be her approach and straightforward style goes for a horrible toss! (Sadly)


Coincidentally, just after sometime Sana, who was working in the kitchen sub-consciously said ‘Kantala aa gaya yaar’ and everyone present in living room burst out laughing remembering sweet little Black Mamba! Oh Sonali,you see they are missing you. In fact, I heard Pritam saying that Sana is quite alike Sonali. Ah! Well, not too sure what Sana has to say on this. *Hehehehe*


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