What happens when Dimpy talks her heart out!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 21st, 2014 at 1:00 pm

After the Saturday episode, Dimpy was somewhere satisfied that her point about poking Pritam during Hijack task wasn’t wrong! As Salman showed both the videos in the previous episode how the task was played in the first week of the season and now the current week. As per the rules the opponent could provoke in such a manner that the player leaves the seat in agitation. And Dimpy just did that. Upen and Karishma gave her all the support, especially Karishma said that she supported Dimpy since the task started.


Dimpy also got emotional while telling them how Sonali stood against her during the entire episode, even in front of Salman Khan she made her feel like a culprit. She said that she was taken aback because she always took stand for Sonali and she always gave her the shoulder whenever she was in trouble and cried. But she was now too hurt to see this side of Sonali. She went on saying that she doesn’t know how to keep her relation with Sonali now that she left her at the time of need. You want to give suggestions to Dimpy?


Watch what more Salman had to say these housemates tonight @ 9 pm!



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