What happened when Mohit Gulati met Gautam Gulati in the house?

posted by Admin, last updated on December 31st, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Everyone was chilling in the garden area when Gautam's almost look-alike brother, Mohit entered the house to surprise his little brother. Interestingly, Gautam had been talking about him since morning narrating some random stories shared with him. Ajaz told Mohit how they were all talking about him the same morning. Though as soon as he entered,Bigg Boss asked them to freeze but Gautam chose to cheat on the task a little to get cuddled in his brother’s arms *Awww how cute* Mohit went ahead and hugged Puneet, who has been standing along his chota bhaai like a rock. The two got emotional. Mohit then went ahead and made some very strong statements against Karishma and Upen! He appreciated Pritam and thanked him for everything and all the support he gave to Gautam.

It was quite amusing to watch the two look alike siblings sharing love for each other. Gautam got strict instructions from bade bhaiyya to stay clean shaven. Oho! He also adviced him to bring the old spark back now that he had met his brother too!


I am sure after this, audience will get to see the old Avtaar of Gautam. He has already started showing signs through his actions. See, how family adds magic in ones life just in a snap!


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