What happened when Gautam was asked to lick cake off Ali's face!

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Looked like Sonali’s team was having too much fun while they gave dares to the other team. Trust me, Sonali can leave Tom Sawyer behind when it comes to adventures. The latest one was when her team announced to the rival team that she had come up with an exclusive task. As they all turned upto her she said that the next challenge would be for Gautam but also her team member Ali equally. It was to put the cake given as a property on Ali’s face and dared Gautam to lick the entire cake until Ali’s face was clean!

 As the team announced this, both the teams couldn’t burst  into an uncontrollable laughter. Gautam and Ali mutually decided to bring it on and the duo came in front of the camera to say that they agreed to the given challenge and would execute too!

Team ‘Hukumat’ did the job of applying cake on Ali’s face and head as Gautam looked on. And then suddenly, Gautam had a change of mind! He went ahead in front of the camera telling “Big Boss humne pehle socha ki hum yeh kar sakte hain kyunki mujhe cake kaafi pasand hai, par jab se cake ko Ali ke chehre pe dekha hai mera mood bilkul change ho chuka hai aur main yeh karne se inkaar karta hun.” Gautam’s decision turned out in favour of the other and led to an increase in their score by one point!


It was far more fun and interesting than it sounds. Watch the fun packed episode tonight @ 9 pm!


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