What happened that Sambhavna wants to leave home?

posted by Admin, last updated on January 27th, 2015 at 3:35 pm

In the latest fight, surprisingly, it was Sambhavna, who felt quite offended by Dimpy’s words. She noticed Dimpy during the day talking inappropriate about her and then later making fun of it. This became more obvious when Karishma came and told what it actually meant to Sambhavna. Until then, Sambhavna wasn’t sure what did Dimpy joke about but then hearing it out from Karishma infuriated her. She confronted Dimpy saying what she was doing was not right and she had no right to malign someone’s image. Dimpy, who didn’t know exactly what happened was seen asking what went wrong until others told her about the same.


Dimpy was completely taken aback and said that she told something which she felt was a very light thing and could be said in fun and not to project someone’s character. Dimpy added that nobody could decide someone else’s character except the person himself or herself. 


Sambhavna, over the period, got so upset that she kept appealing to Bigg Boss to call her inside the confession room. But, nothing happened for a long time. Later she decided on leaving the house right away. Why was that? What brought the fight between Ali, Pritam and Gautam? What happened during the night? Was anybody successful in doing the task?


Keep watching the Bigg Boss-Halla Bol finale week!


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