What happened that Dimpy wanted to punish Upen and Pritam!

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The house minus Diandra and the morning post the eviction night wasn’t as peaceful.Dimpy who is constantly trying to prove herself to be the ‘Best Captain’ realized that she should have punished Pritam and Upen, the former’s act of not handing over Big Boss’s letter meant for the house’s captain and latter’s insensible behavior of mixing the ‘Churan’ in Ali’s protein shake without even bothering how dangerous it could be for his health. And something that actually put Ali in poor health. So, Dimpy decided and said she would now want to give right punishments to both of them. Ali intervened and said the matter was now over and he wasn’t interested in seeing people getting punished on something that has been already talked out and cleared in front of Salman Khan.


A small argument reached a higher level of dispute between Ali and Dimpy, which later got Pritam and Upen involved too as they were the ones being dragged into this entire issue. The whole atmosphere looked too chaotic and stressful. But, fortunately this intimidating situation somewhere lowered down with right sensitibility .


Will you miss Diandra? Watch how the day unfolds for the housemates minus one of the most vibrant housemates. 


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