What happened after Big Boss declared the 'Game Over'?

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Yes! So even Big Boss must have felt they couldn’t pull the task through. As they gathered in the living area Big Boss called the task off as the duration was over. Then Pritam was asked as a captain to announce the winning team, and he announced the ‘Thieves team’ although they were yet to flick the Diamond but maximum items were taken off from the site. Big Boss congratulated the team and I could see the sense of achievement on their faces. No doubt both the teams sacrificed their sleep to complete the task successfully.


As they dispersed, I saw unhappy Gautam though being from the robber's team feeling unjust as he said “Bhale hi chor jite hain yeh task, magar apni bewakoofi se” He meant to say that there were several flaws, which could have been avoided by the robbers while doing the task. Or Gauatm should I say you looked unhappy because Punzz wasn’t on your side? Huh? Possible eh?


Sometime later Dimpy, Diandra and Gautam discussed about Praneet always being sweet to both the partie.! In order to be in everybody's good books.


On the other hand, Pritam who sensed the grudge many people were carrying in their hearts against him, especially Puneet. He told Ali and others that Puneet was not right as he shouted at him for the last incident and questioned why did he keep mum when Ali spoke about 'Aukaat' in a tiff with Dimpy and he had in past abused Minissha. He was also irked with Gautam unnecessarily trying to gain footage,as if he was a hero from some movie, by always intervening in between, for no reason!


I feel I will go crazy with them!


Signing off!


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