What? Gautam promises to gift KT the best makeup brand!

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While KT and Upen's romance was on in the house, Gautam looked determined to win the task. It was when Upen turned for a while, smiled at Gautam and said “Ghar se nikalne ke baad mujhe call karega?”  This was just the opposite of what he told him during one of the fights with Gautam inside the confession room when he said he would never even bother to look upto such person post the show got over. And would never have his number on his phone too. But, today he was talking about taking the new found bond forward. It was incredibly sweet as the two boys exchanged warm smiles. Gautam in return asked the same question to him and Upen said “Main 100 taka nahi 1000 taka call karunga tujhe.”  I was wondering what happened to Upen all of a sudden? Is that the love effect when one looks at everything with rose tinted glasses?  Upen even asked if he would call Karishma, and Gautam said why not! Karishma added that how much ever the two may fight, they would always keep in touch through phone. Gautam nodded in agreement, in fact Karishma laughingly said that Gautam has promised her  to gift the best makeup brand after they were out of the house. Is Diandra listening?


Around evening, Karishma was seen telling Pritam that how much ever she fought with Gautam, she neither ever hated him nor she wished for anything bad for him, and since he was a part of her team she would extend full support to him no matter what! Karishma’s eyes showed honesty when she said that. 


I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this part of the show at least. So, don't forget to tune in @9pm tonight.


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