What did the housemates do when they got the last chance to express themselves?

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You can count the number of days remaining in the house. The house has already started looking more peaceful and calmer.  Though they don’t say it,but it looks like now all that matters to the six of them left out there is  – The Trophy!


Around evening, all of them were given a small activity. There was a red megaphone sent inside the house, which every housemate had to use turn after turn. And what was that for? Basically, the megaphone was provided to them to say what they felt about that one person whom they felt was not apt to become the winner for the season. In fact, was the least deserving amongst the lot. And also why one felt he or she should win and was better than rest of the lot. The process went on to be intense and they all looked serious and honest with their feelings as they went on giving descriptive responses about that one person. There were a few arguments too that followed the session.


It was an interesting session to find what opinions each one had formed towards the end of the show for the other one. I would kill the excitement if I reveal the name... Catch them all doing honest confessions in tonight’s episode!



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