What consequences would lead to Sanchi's arrest on 'Savitri Devi College & Hospital'?

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Last on ‘Savitri Devi College & Hospital’ we saw how Sanchi gets praised by Dr.Kabir for saving Aparna’s life, who was being given poisonous water by her own sister Konkana out of sheer jealousy. Just in the knick of time when Aparna was about to get operated, Sanchi barged into the operation theatre to stop Dr.Kabir from operating her, showing him the right reports. Dr. Kabir impressed with Sanchi’s wisdom praises her in front of everyone. Riya gets annoyed at this.


On the other hand Konkana complains Dr. Malhotra that the hospital is of no use to her and she will do anything to malign the name of it.






In the upcoming episodes we will see how Sanchi’s real identity as Sanchi Mishra is about to get exposed due to certain circumstances in the hospital, Riya gets some hint and because of which she starts doubting Sanchi’s identity and her past. We need to see if Riya digs deeper into the matter in order to find out the truth.






At the personal, front Dr. Malhotra agrees with Gayatri to auction his ex-wife Savitri’s sarees so that something good could happen to the poor with that money, Priya would be seen coming at the scene and offering the highest bid for her mother’s sarees. It would be really interesting to see Gayatri’s reaction at that moment.


Jaya will have her own struggle when Khushboo’s father would ask for her apology as a condition for his daughter to get married to Ashok. Now we need to see whether Jaya agrees or disagrees for the same.






Vikrant will do something that will put Priya’s life in danger for his sadistic pleasure. One should certainly miss out on this sequence.


Yet another prank by Veer on Sanchi will further lead to Sanchi’s arrest by the police officials. Why will that happen? Can you guess?


The entire week is full of suspense.


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