What can you expect from the 'Grand Finale'

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After 11 exciting weeks of LIVE performances, the show Rising Star India has finally reached its culmination. Coming weekend remains much anticipated, as everyone is curious to know who will win the title of the first ‘Rising Star.’


The four finalists, Bannet Dosanjh, Vikram Jeet Singh, Ankita Kundu and Maithili Thakur have proven their worth as artistes through their stupendous performances.  The only question that comes to the mind is, who will hold the banner of victory eventually?


Well, it’s too difficult to judge as of now as each one has a uniqueness that makes him/her different from the rest. Time and only their efforts will decide their fates now.


As ever, Rising Star once again has something new in store for the contestants as well as the audience. In the grand finale weekend, Rising Star will have four great singers from the country who would participate, namely – Akriti Kakkar, Neha Bhasin, Jubin Nautiyal and Master Saleem.  Each one will be paired with one finalist to perform on stage.


Now it’s going to be really interesting to watch, who gets paired with whom! And what will each duet do on the stage this time!


Stay tuned this weekend for all the suprises!


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