What? Ali let go of task for Dimpy!

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Last night Ali tried tricking Dimpy, who was the only one taking care of the steps on behalf of her team. He asked her that she could take all five steps they had of her team and in return she could give the three remaining ones and anyway whoever would make the ladder first would win!


Dimpy fell for it not knowing that Ali had taken another member, Pritam into his confidence. What happened next shocked Dimpy forever. Within a fraction of a second, Ali grabbed all the plaques from Dimpy, while the latter went empty handed. Dimpy got absolutely frightened and pleaded the two not to do so because she would be answerable to Gautam and KT. She requested them to play it right and give her team another chance.Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ali and Pritam had a change of heart and they let go of the opportunity. They gave those steps back to Dimpy by continuing the task straight way.


So, this afternoon, when Ali and Dimpy fought, Ali made fun of Dimpy about how she was begging in front of him last night to have the steps back. Ali mocked Dimpy when she was trying to snatch away the steps from Ali’s team looking at Ali do it. Gautam asked Ali to stop that and also said not to make the game dirty.  Ali said that he should first talk to his team mate and not him.


You think there was an end to the task finally? 


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