Weekend Ka Vaar: Arshi, if Shilpa would have been the captain then what was the loss? - Salman Khan.

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Salman Khan points out at Arshi Khan saying how during the week she kept repeating that Shilpa shouldn’t be made the captain of the Bigg Boss house. Arshi to clarify this says that this was because she wanted to be the captain once again and that’s because this time she worked really hard during the luxury budget task and nobody could say that she got the captaincy by fluke. 






Salman further asks her that if Shilpa would have become the captain then what loss they would have faced? Arshi replies saying that no loss would have happened as such but may be the requirements of the housemates would have not been fulfilled in that case.



Salman reacting to this says that the real thing was that of Vikas or Shilpa would have become the captain then Arshi would have had no control on anything and that she wouldn’t be able to save those people whom she wants to save!


laga 2



Going further Salman Khan also mentions how she could have been sensible in offering one chance to a housemate who never got an opportunity to be the captain of the Bigg Boss house. And by this she would have been the greatest of all in the Bigg Boss house!



Will Arshi regret her decision? Will there be a shift in her heart towards Shilpa after this?



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