Week 3 is all about being 'Total Filmy'! #KKK6

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on February 20th, 2015 at 4:43 pm

This week Rohit says let's go all filmy! He has designed the stunts for the upcoming weekend in total filmy style.You get to see a 'Sholay' set up and Rohit's hands tied up by ropes in which Ashish plays a funny Gabbar, Hussain decides to climb up the water tank to enact Dharam paaji's epic drunken scene and its downright hilarious to see them plot against Rohit saying that they should make him Basanti and make him dance on 'Jab tak hai jaan jaanejahaan'  Hahahahaha! But then will Rohit actually dance to the tunes of his Khiladis or will he make them dance? 


Saturday episode will also show a ferocious stunt wherein contestants would have to walk down the wall of a high rise building with the support of harness and accumulate maximum number of flags.


But the other stunt of the week would test Siddharth's fear of snakes as it is revealed that Rohit got so scared, when at the age of 7, he found a snake in his house and due to the trauma he couldn't attend his school for good six months.


And a filmy weekend like this would be incomplete without all the 'gaana-shaana! Rohit ensures they all take some chill pill between the stunts to keep the excitement going!


Catch another round of dreadful stunts in week 3 of KKK 6!

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