We Can't Wait To See If Simar Will Be Able To Unveil The Naagin #SSK

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 23rd, 2015 at 5:41 pm

In today’s episode we see Roli shocked after reading the letter thinking that the person who wrote the letter knows her reality. She agrees to all the conditions mentioned and she does exactly what is written in the letter. She then starts looking around for the clue. 

Roli notices two shoulders over the pillar and starts walking towards them but suddenly Sid calls Roli. Amar and Calendar immediately hide themselves behind a car. Amar asks calendar to keep an eye on Roli and he leaves to tell Simar and Prem about Roli getting tricked into their master plan. 

Meanwhile, Sid notices a ‘kala dhaaga’ on his wrist and asks Roli about it. Roli tells Sid that when he was asleep she tied it as she started believing in this after the accident. Simar tells Prem that no matter what happens she will go in front of Roli and face her but Prem doesn’t agree to the same as he is worried that something might happen to Simar. Simar wins Prems confidence by telling him that Roli will not do anything as the ‘Sandook’ was with her. 

Back at the Bhardwaj house, Roli is tensed as she wants to know who is trying to threaten her. Verma ji enters the house with a box of sweets and bumps into Prem. Prem intuitively asks him if he can take the Prasad to Mataji? Vermaji is in a dilemma and has no option. Roli and Vermaji are now panicking as Prem leaves with the box asking Roli about where Sid was.

Will Simar succeed in her master plan? Or will Roli find out about the same and counter strike Simar? To find out what happens watch Sasural Simar Ka only on Colors!

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