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Social activist and retired Indian Police Service officer - Dr. Kiran Bedi; Senior journalist Nalini Singh, Actress Tisca Chopra; Twitter Head, India - Rishi Jaitly; Actor Manish Chaudhary are coming together to throw light on on the topic, “Battling Demons: Inner & Outer”  

We are a smart generation living in a smart world and yet we are surrounded by demons – inside and out. Be it, demons of insecurity, low self-esteem, inferiority complex or the demons who steal our children and sell them off to brothels, we are never really free of them. But are we, the smart ones, really equipped to deal with any of these demons? Can we step outside the shadow of our own prejudices and doubts to listen to that inner voice coaxing us to take action? Are we willing to give hope a chance?

Through this discussion we would want to throw light upon the strength of the human spirit when faced with dire circumstances where dwindling hope reigns supreme. We also aim to touch upon issues such as suicide, crime against women & children and various forms of entrapment such as being trapped in a bad relationship or being subjected to subtle sexual harassment at work.

Code Red  is a show which acts as an enabler of change to give hope and voice to those who are on the verge of giving up on life. It attempts to understand human frailties amidst the daily struggles of life and how people react to situations beyond their control. Be it someone who is trapped in the literal or the figurative sense, someone facing violence or someone on the verge of a complete breakdown – how do people get pushed into such situations and what is the way out, if at all there is any.  

Through Code Red we want to draw attention to these issues and push people to think harder and speak up about them. We want people to come out and open up about what they have been through. 

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CODE RED starts 19th January, Monday to Saturday 10.30PM only on COLORS

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