Wall Raisers From The Second Episode Of Rising Star Were Absolutely Stunning!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on February 7th, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Rising Star has come up with an incredible concept which is absolutely refreshing and engaging for the Indian crowd. The Indian audience has shown keen interest to know how the performers go live on television as they perform, and the very fact that they can see their own faces on the giant wall as they vote for the performers they like!

Exactly this is how the second episode of Rising Star was like. One could watch the episode without batting an eyelid, as every moment was so engrossing!

It was playback singers’ special episode, and there came eight performances last night. Every performer tried to give their best.

Here are the seven wall raisers from last night’s episode –

1. Ankita Sachdev – She sang ‘Jiya Jale Jaan Jale’from the movie Dil Se. She received 96% of votes. The highest of all.


2. M.L. (Manda Laxmi) GAYATRI & M.V.Sl.S.S. SHRUTI – The two sisters raised the wall with their singing and got 90% of votes.  They sang Jiya Jiya Re fused with a Carnatic song.


3. Ankita Kundu – The 14 year old singer from Bangalore received a standing ovation from the three experts with 93 % of votes. She sang Lag Ja Gale


4. Vibha Saraf – From Kashmir, and a singer by profession sang ‘Zara Zara mehekta’ impressed the audience and the experts and the wall went up for her as well.


5. Ameya Datte – Received 94% of votes in total, and a warm hug by Monali Thakur, the singer presented the song ‘Maai teri chunariya lehraayi’.


6. Sheuli Sammadar – is a music teacher from Kolkata, she received 93% of votes for the song ‘Jhallah Wallah’.


7. Anita Bhatt – won the hearts, as the wall went up for her song ‘Laila Main Laila’


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