Vishal Aditya Singh aka Veer from 'Chandrakanta' is such a fun guy in real! Click now to believe!

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The story of Chandrakanta takes us to an imaginary world where things are totally magical. It’s a thrilling experience for the viewers; at times one tends to start wondering, what would it be like if things like that would happen in real?! And that’s precisely the factor that keeps the audience inquisitive all the time to know what’s going to happen next on the show!


Talking about real life, let’s get to know Vishal Aditya Singh who plays the character of Veer. He plays an obedient son, a passionate lover on-screen, a character which is too deep and intense by nature. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the fun side of Vishal in his real life!


He seems to be a person so full of life all the time! Have a look at his real self in these videos.



Another one from geeton ki mala#singlikenooneishearingyou#shan'sbest#julieiloveyou😉

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What a night 😇

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Rajasthan diaries#udaipur#sangeet#piyatosenainalagere#guide#s.dburman#feelfree

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Birthday drive...Happy birthday to me.#puranenagane#❤kishor daaa#dillikathug#favone

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