Upen questioned once again for his behavior!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 28th, 2014 at 5:44 pm

It wasn't an easy day for Upen! He was actually answerable to Salman about his reactions on Sonali when the latter gave him tap water to drink! Salman straight away questioned why was it cool for him to play a prank on somebody else like the time when he gave Ali'Kaayam churan' in his protein shake considering it as a playful joke, but was extremely hazardous actually upsetting his stomach! And when it came to his own reaction on the water that Sonali offered him to drink being 'Not so funny??'

Upen explained saying,jokes could happen between two friends and he didn't like the idea of Sonali playing such a prank on him because the two are not on talking terms anymore. Salman disagreed on this making Upen actually realize where he was going wrong. Karishma like always blindly supported Upen which made her equally answerable to Salman.

Coming on to the Snapdeal caller of the week, question was asked to Gautam this time as to why was he going thanda day after day? The caller showed a serious concern telling the audience wanted the old Gautam back who stood for himself when everyone was against him and that he should be more visible as it's a crucial time. Gautam listened intently and promised not to disappoint his fans.Let's see what Gauti does now!

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