Upen proclaims to be on the warpath in action!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 15th, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Gautam and Upen were chosen to be together in the confession room to nominate one housemate. But the arrangement went on some other tangent. While deciding one common name was a pain for the two, the duo got into a fight. It all started when Gautam made a comment on Upen’s career, which got onto his nerves bringing out the aggressive guy in him out. It was very evident that Upen was trying to provoke Gautam intentionally!

Upen walked out of the confession room asking Gautam to stay in his limits. Gautam was dumbstruck and realized that Upen was taking everything otherwise for past few days. Gautam kept blabbering alone talking to Big Boss that something was terribly going wrong with Upen for his insane behavior. As Upen came out, he was seen fuming in disgust and anger abusing Gautam and just everything about the house. He even told in front of the camera that he didn’t want to stay any longer having such people around. Karishma came running to pacify her only friend in the house now; mentioned about the argument she had with Puneet while deciding on the name. She said that how she couldn’t stand the ‘Father-son’ duo! Without hesitating she even commented calling Gautam and Puneet ‘Ek chota flop actor aur ek bada flop actor’

Upen said how he cared a damn about the show! He didn’t bother if his offence led to give him harshest of punishments. I even heard him saying “I will break his nose!” Mind you Upen, if this happens you would end up wrecking everything that you gained so far being in the show!


Watch the rage soar between the two boys tonight @9pm


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