Upen Patel re-enters the house in a coffin!

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Something very exciting happened in the house. The housemates were asked to stay inside the house until the garden area was being prepared for something exclusive. Housemates thought it to be another task when all of a sudden the blinders of the house went up and Ali came shouting to bring everyone outside.


They all gathered in the garden area biggest to get the shock ever! There was a huge coffin placed right at the centre of the garden trapped in chains. The girst started screaming as they still hadn't forgotten fright two weeks back, when the elimination happened exactly the same way and took away Karishma’s closest buddy Upen!


Fearfully, as they opened the coffin with shivering hands, they all got awestruck to find one of the evicted inmates back in the house! Yes, Upen Patel was back in the house. You should have seen the expression on KT’s face! Not only her but everyone present in the house as they all hugged him as if he was the most missed contestant of the house. Upen even hugged Gautam tight and said he was sorry! He said he saw the episodes and found himself at mistake when they had fights and especially meeting Gautam’s family changed the entire perception about him.


Dimpy was almost into tears to have him back. But I saw Rahul not that happy (grins) and why was that? What was the meaning of Upen’s second stint in the house?


Figure out yourself!


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