Upen gets food poisoning inside the house!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 24th, 2014 at 5:04 pm

I have observed that Upen is losing weight drastically. No wonder he has been pleading for protein shake all the time.Waiting for Bigg Boss to pay attention to his request. He has been surviving on fruits and pulses only, and apparently that has taken a toll over his health. In the evening when i checked last, Upen had started vomiting and had actually fallen sick. Finally a doctor was called, who gave him the required treatment and asked him not to eat food inside the house as he was suffering from food poisoning. Oh Upen hope you get well soon!


On the other hand I saw Diandra and Gautam sitting on a bed sharing thoughts over various things happening around, suddenly they noticed Pritam noticing them.The two thought to play a prank on him.They both covered themselves with the blanket on the bed teasing Pritam.To this Pritam jokingly asked what were the two upto! The duo said why was he feeling jealous as he is already married. To this Pritam made faces saying “Mujhe baar baar yaad dilaane ki zarurat nahi ki meri shaadi ho gayi hai”. And they all burst out laughing.


I am glad these housemates believe in being happy too!! Let’s see that remains till when!


Signing off for the day!


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