Upen confesses his love for Karishma to her!

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Upen has made a very filmy blockbuster re-entry in the Bigg Boss house once again. KT, who had by now started reaching out to other people to be friends, so that she doesn’t have to face any melancholy, was somewhere seen settling down even though Upen wasn’t around. But having him back in the house wasn’t something she ever thought or must have imagined of! We all have seen that apart from Sonali, it has been Karishma for whom Upen has always had a soft corner for. Not only this, but he has also shared with her that if she was single, he would have loved to date her. Karishma always laughed it off saying that wouldn’t be possible now anyways as she is already there for somebody else. But, Upen kept on trying his luck and apparently he must have come back to accomplish his mission in the house with the same intention??!!!


As the two relaxed during late night, Karishma expressed how much she missed him having around. Especially, when she was made to feel left out. She said that she liked him as a friend in all aspects and considered him to be a good friend even though he had many flaws. After listening to all what KT had to say, guess what was Upen's reaction? Well, well, well, Upen, like a knight in shining armour, told her that he would put a ring in her finger once she comes out of the house! *Faints in excitement*  I almost fell off my chair hearing this! Did he propose a courtship to her? Karishma was absolutely stunned and could not react as she was full of mixed emotions! Upen also carried some special gifts for KT. What were those gifts? A holiday package to beat the post Bigg Boss stress? A romantic date? 


Why did Upen say that? Will Karishma take this as a joke this time? What will be her boyfriend’s reaction once he knows about this?


Catch everything in tonight’s episode!


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