Upen calls Gautam 'Cutely Possessive' about friends!

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Upen has reached a level where he is seen getting more comfortable with Gautam; he also tries understanding him. The fight that happened in the morning made Upen become the mediator between Pritam and Gautam whereby he tried reconciling things between them. While on one side where he heard out Gautam he also gave ears to Pritam. Upen said that as far as his understanding went, he thought Gautam was quite possessive for his close friends and wanted them to be around all the time come what may. Which was cute in a way! Whereas, Pritam said that he was that kind of a person, who wouldn't go again and again to a person proving his friendship all the time. He added that he approaches friends to a limit and beyond that, he doesn’t believe in hanging around all the time because true friendships don’t need one to be present all the time to show validity of their relations. Hence, though he supported Gautam he wouldn’t be with him all the time and Gautam should understand that. Upen and Karishma gave an example wherein Puneet ji was always by his side and he wanted his friends to be exactly that way.


Karishma tried telling Pritam that Gautam was a highly emotional person. In fact, Upma also said that when someone is over emotional they seek extra attention which was normal. Same was with Gautam, and that Pritam should understand that.


From where I can see, Pritam and Gautam will definitely develop their bonds what I can see. But nice thing was the growing friendship between Upma and Gauti! Isn’t that something to look forward to?


Thankfully you would watch that towards the end of the season!


Derr aaye durust aaye!!


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