Uh-Oh! Rajat doubts Anushka's love #Shastri Sisters

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 13th, 2015 at 5:13 pm

In tonight's episode we will see when Anushka returns home she finds Rajat already sleeping in their room.Next morning, he calls Veer and clears all the doubts with him and feels better about it.

But Minty doesn;t let him be happy for long and tries to sow another doubt in his mind using the same dress. This makes Rajat doubt Anushka again.

Meanwhile, we see Anushka, Alka and Veer planning a surprise Birthday bash for Rajat thinking what could be the best way possible to make him feel extra special. On the other hand, Minty and Astha are also seen racking their brains to come up with some other master plan which could break the ties between Rajat and Anushka forever.

How far will all this go? Who in the end would win this battle?

Catch to know Shastri Sisters tonight at 7PM only on COLORS!

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