Ufff! Sonali and her 'I don't care' attitude!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 28th, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Sleeping more is the weakness for almost all the housemates. I heard a continuous kukdookoo in the morning and found Sonali sleeping in the garden area. Well, what I remember is that Black Mamba isn’t so fond of sleeping like Praneet, Gautam or anyone else. But, this time she kept her eyes shut continuously for a long period, when after hearing a constant alarm the housemates tried to figure out who the member was. They were surprised that Sonali wasn’t willing to wake up. Apparently, becoming a permanent nominee for eviction came to her as a shocker. 


But worried co-mates Gautam and Renee came asking her why was she doing this when she knew the consequences. But, from Sonali’s face it was evident that she did not care NOW! as was is already nominated for ever. *Lol* Gautam and Renee told her though she doesn’t care but this act of hers might affect the luxury budget that is essential for other housemates.


What would have been her reaction? 


Watch in tonight’s episode!


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