Two Year Celebrations: Things we learned from Comedy Nights with Kapil

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on June 20th, 2015 at 3:44 pm

It was two years ago that Kapil and his mad family became a part of our lives and has been entertaining us ever since. Be it Bittu Sharma’s reluctance to have a happy marriage with wife Manju, Bua’s comical desperation to look for a groom or Dadi’s hilarious attempt to feel young in age; all characters have made a place in our hearts and we love them like our own kin. And this 22nd June, when the show completes two years we look back in wonder to all the things the show has knowingly and unknowingly taught us in this beautiful journey. Tell us if you agree with these points!

1. It’s okay to laugh at ourselves:  So many times we have seen Bittu Sharma and his family behave unabashedly in circumstances, getting stuck in the most wrong situations. But every time they came out looking happy, cheerful and unscathed. Looking at them not care about the stresses of life makes us really think that sometimes it’s okay to laugh a little, laugh at ourselves and move on in life. Tensions become easier to handle like that, right?

2. Family is family: One look at Bittu Sharma’s family and you would think they’re a crazy bunch of peeps! But you also know in your hearts that there’s an immediate reference to one of your own family member who endearingly behaves the same way. Tell me if I’m wrong! With such lovable and funny characters, with whom we immediately connect, it definitely makes us realise that whatever issues in the family, we’re all together in it. Because, it’s all about loving your family!

3. Celebs are so like us!: This one is so true! Ever thought you would see a Superstar like Amitabh Bachchan sing and dance with his fans and share funny anecdotes about his personal life? The show has helped so many fans connect with their favourite stars, giving a much closer look into their personal lives. It just goes to prove that celebs live a normal life like us, have the same habits and eventually we all laugh at Bittu Sharma and family’s funny antics. Telling ya, there’s a star in all of us! ;) 

4. Keep Calm and watch Comedy Nights with Kapil: Heard the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’? Well, the show proves each and every syllable of it! Feeling gloomy? Watch #CNWK.  Someone broke your heart to pieces? Watch #CNWK. The boss is giving you a tough time? Yes, you know what to do. Any situation, any type of mood this show is guaranteed to lift up your spirits. Try it and share your experience with us! 

The show completes 2 years this Monday and we couldn’t have been happier to make it such a big part of our lives. If you love the show as much as we do, do leave your wishes for it in the comments below!

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