Tug of War of Love and Cruel Intentions for Thapki

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on August 11th, 2016 at 4:34 pm

Thapki’s situation has left her torn between the battle of the brothers. Mother-in-law to be, Vasu gets blamed for supporting Dhruv. No one is aware of the fact that Dhruv was taking pheras with Thapki until Bihaan gets there and truth shows up in their faces.

Given Dhruv’s  vengeful nature, there was no way he would let Bihaan get away with Thapki. He kidnaps her and  forces the marriage rituals upon her. Helpless Thapki  keeps the battle going and refuses to give into his demand for marriage. She thinks of an idea as to how she can connect with Bihaan and finds a kite on which she can write a message. To her luck, Bihaan, who has no clue about Thapki’s location, finds the kite and heads to the old mill to save her.

Just when Dhruv was about to take the last phera with Thapki, Bihaan reaches there and strikes war upon his brother. The family members also get there and support Bihaan.

However, the man with the evil plan is not backing down. He rudely shoots Bihaan on the leg. He pulls Thapki towards him giving a clear indication that anyone who comes between him and his intention of marrying Thapki , won’t be seeing the daylight. Everyone is left aghast with Dhruv’s move.

 Will Dhruv and Thapki will end up together as a result of this forced marriage or will Bihaan put an end to this nightmare by saving Thapki and marrying her. To find out where Thapki’s fate leads her tonight at 7 pm. 

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