Tu Aashiqui: Pankti and Ahaan's story to re-define love.

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on September 19th, 2017 at 1:14 pm

Making or breaking any relationship is easy but maintaining one, continuing with the same facing hardships are extremely difficult.




In the upcoming show ‘Tu Aashiqui’, we will see how destiny with make Ahaan and Pankti meet each other, and the most trying time would begin for both of them right from the moment they fall in love. Unlike other youngsters of today, who would give up on love during the most difficult and testing times when it’s time to give a full-fledged support to one’s beloved, Ahaan will standby Pankti showing his true love towards her. In fact putting his own established career at stake taking a back-seat so that his love could excel in her career.




Same way Pankti when she gets to know about Ahaan’s family’s reputation getting maligned because of her; leaves her career and all the other jazz and goes back to the same dark world she was in before Ahaan stepped into her life, just to ensure Ahaan remains happy. For that matter even if that means excluding her.


Isn’t the relationship intense and strong?  Isn’t love all about sacrifice and commitment?


We bet you would love the story as it unfolds on 20th September at 7 PM!

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