Trouble in paradise for Ranvir and Ishani? #MATSH

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on March 5th, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Just when things were going right in Ranvir and Ishani’s lives, Chirag is back to create havoc. A few days ago he had threatened to kill Ranvir but the latter hadn’t given much thought to it and let the matter go. Now in Sangeet, RV and Ishani are ready to reveal their relationship to all but once again Chirag is back and this time with a much serious threat. 

With a sweet surprise Ranvir gifts Ishani a ‘shaadi ka joda’ and wants her to wear it in their wedding. The lehenga is a symbol that Ranvir promises to marry Ishani soon with full rituals but before Ishani could revel in this joy, she gets a threatening call from Chirag! 

While Ranvir is out for some work, Chirag calls Ishani and shares his plans to kill Ranvir. He warns Ishani menacingly to save her love and hearing such harsh words she gets tensed. Frantically, she tries to call Ranvir and asks him to come back but sadly he doesn’t adhere to her request and cuts the call by a sweet ‘I love you.’

Looks like this time Chirag has made some serious planning to kill his arch nemesis! But will Ishani manage to warn Ranvir at the right time? Or Chirag succeed in separating the two lovebirds?

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