Touching: Housemates attempt tasks for Charity!

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Christmas is just round the corner and Big Boss being thoughtful announced that there would be few tasks sponsored by Snapdeal ‘Khushiyaan manaate raho,’ played by the housemates, which in turn would bring smile in the life of some underprivileged children from orphanage.


The first task was to have Karishma and Sonali burst a number of balloons placed in the garden area by sitting on them. Out of those baloons, five balloons would have chits with special items for charity. Karishma and Sonali burst all the balloons with Karishma playing more honestly than Sonali as she did little cheating hence making Karishma the winner for that task. After being declared the winner, Karishma pressed a button that was connected to the monitor in order to select items like quilts, geaser, water heater etc that would be gifted to the orphanage.


In the second task  Pritam and Gautam needed to spread out  two tissue rolls at a time, while moving one hand in clock wise and the other in anti-clock wise direction. The one to remove maximum tissues from the rolls would be the winner. Not asm easy as it sounded. Pritam won the task taking off the maximum tissues. As Praneet declared his name, Pritam got special chance to do something truly noble by pressing the button for selecting the items on the monitor.


In the third and the last task was a ‘Ping Pong Ball’ task that was to be played between Ali and Upen, aiming to throw maximum balls inside the placed glasses and they were to hit tables with one bounce each time. Ali and Upen had equal scores but as per the captain, Ali did lot of cheating and hence Upen was nnounced as the winner.



Catch this special task player between the housemate in the supervision of Captain Praneet tonight @9pm 


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