Top five moments from the movie Airlift that would give you the chills!

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With the World Television Premiere of Airlift around the corner, here is a look at the top five scenes from the movie.

Ranjit Katyal threatens the Iraqi officer

When the Iraqi officer Major Khalaf Bin Zayd finds out about Ranjit’s plan of illegally sending Indians out of the country, he barges into Ranjit’s house and asks him to pay up 1 lakh dollars upfront for carrying out his plans. To this Ranjit replies that he has already made the deal and that he should immediately call his officers and let the bus pass through or else he would have to bear serious consequences for it.

Indians unite to save Ranjit

While crossing the border, Ranjit is stopped at the border by some Iraqi officers and is asked to show his passport to prove he is not a Kuwaiti citizen. Unable to give proof for his wife and the other Kuwaiti woman that he is travelling with, the officers threaten to shoot the Kuwaiti woman. Ranjit gets into a tussle trying to save her and when the guard threatens to pull the trigger on him, the Indians travelling in the buses behind him gather around which forces the guards to let their weapon down and let them go.

Ranjit’s driver shot point blank

Ranjit Katyal while travelling with his driver to the Indian embassy gets stopped en-route by some Iraqi soldiers. Ranjit is then pulled from his car and taken at gun point and when his driver tries to defend him by speaking in Arabic, the soldiers mistake him for a Kuwaiti and shoot him point blank. Later, Ranjit is made to sit back inside his car and before driving away, he is looted by the soldiers.

Ranjit fails to remember the Iraqi officer

Ranjit Katyal gets captured by the Iraqi army and taken to the Iraqi Major Khalaf Bin Zayd, who was earlier the chief security in charge in Baghdad and had met Ranjit’s family when they had come to Iraq for a visit. Ranjit on meeting him fails to recognize him and then the Major reminds him of the time he had spent with his family and the importance of remembering powerful people. After establishing his importance and new found power, the Major draws the curtain and shows him his dead partner‘s body which is seen hanging from suspension.

Kohli hesitates to lend support to Ranjit

Katiyal keeps in touch with the Indian Ministry officer Kohli but Kohli is somewhat of a sluggard. But when his own father recounts their tale of woes during the partition of India, Kohli awakens and begins to actively pursue the minister. The minister, half in frustration and half out of agreement, asks Kohli to take charge of the matter and it is then he approaches the passenger airline Air India for the biggest evacuation ever.

Don't forget to catch teh World Premiere of Airlift this Sunday at 1 PM & 4PM. 

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