Top 5 moments of Sumona in Comedy Nights with Kapil

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It’s Sumona a.k.a Kapil’s on-screen Biwi’s 26th birthday and we’re looking at the top 5 moments when she added oomph to the comedy show! Be it the way Kapil insults her big lips or the way she calls him “Sharmajiiiiii” Sumona makes for one of the best on-screen wives! Here’s our small dedication to her…enjoy!

Every time Bittu Sharma insults his biwi, her first move is to complain to Siddhuji. Very endearing we think! 


Whenever any celebrity pays a visit to the mad family Bittu Sharma knowingly and unknowingly ends up making fun of his biwi in front of them. This is the reaction he gets from her…


She sometimes even shows him the infamous 'Babaji ka Thullu!'


But there are times when a celebrity will make an effort to praise the gorgeous Sumona and her smile makes us go awwwww!


Scary moment comes when Bittu Sharma utters the one-liners on his Biwi’s pouty lips. And then all hell breaks loose!


But in certain moments of romance, Bittu Sharma has sometimes praised his biwi in front of others. And that makes her go all whaaaa…???


We just can’t get enough of this cute couple. Here, take a look at the top 5 moments of Kapil and his Biwi’s nok-jhok!  And do not forget to leave in your wishes for Sumona in the comments below!

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