Today in Bigg Boss: Renee and Sonali's conflict followed by Gautam's birthday celebration!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 27th, 2014 at 5:49 pm

So, Renee tried to provoke Sonali by telling her that if she would have been at her place, she would have used her slippers to thrash Ali. Renee kept repeating this as Sonali avoided her.Why do I have this feeling that Renee tries to project herself as the lady Hitler of the house?As if nobody should try taking pangas with her. So, Sonali heard her for a couple of times and just the next instance she started firing her to be in her limits and shut up. She said she knows what she should be doing and she did what she felt was right. She further added that if Renee was more interested in doing that thing, she should go ahead and do it and not poke her every now and then


Around midnight the housemates suprised Gautam with a small celebration. He got nice birthday bumps from the co mates and later was thrown into the swimming pool. Aha! so let’s see what all happens for the birthday boy since it’s all his day today.


Time for some celebration!


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