Three gestures of Arjun Kapoor that prove he is a true humanitarian

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He spends most of his hours toiling hard at the Railway station at Andheri polishing shoes. Ramakant Praful Patel or Rahul, as he likes to be addressed as, has been working for the past 22 years. Ramakant ran away from his home town in Raigad at the tender age of 7 after he was no longer able to take the mental and physical torture meted out by his step-mother.

On this week of Mission Sapne 2, catch Ramakant reveal a piece from his life and talk about how he hasn’t let circumstances define who he is and his continuous struggle in life to provide his two children the opportunities that he never had. Helping Ramakant in his quest for a better future this week would be none other than the Ishaqzaade actor, Arjun Kapoor who will turn into a shoe shiner for a day to raise funds for Ramakant. Here are three things that Arjun did on the show that proves that he is a true humanitarian.

Arjun spoke about how he had seen the earlier episodes of Mission Sapne and since then wanted to be a part of it. He also mentioned how because he had attained a certain stature in life that it was imperative for him to help others and that it would be wrong if such opportunity wasn’t made good use of.

Arjun was also seen dancing with a little girl to the song ‘tune maari entriyaan’. Throughout the song, he seemed to have been enjoying himself and there were no starry airs whatsoever visible in the way he conducted himself.

At the beginning of the day, Arjun very courteously asked Ramakant to teach him how to polish shoes. After Ramakant demonstrated, Arjun quickly jumped into doing the task at hand without creating any fuss and interacted with all his customers very happily.

Don’t forget to catch Arjun Kapoor on this week on Mission Sapne 2.

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