This weekend: 'Dev' has another, softer side to him. Read to know!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on August 22nd, 2017 at 4:47 pm

A few moments of glance at him would make anybody say that ‘Dev’ comes across to be frivolous as a person. However this is not the truth!

Apart from being a great detective, Dev is too intense as a human being!




This weekend we will see the other side of Dev which is full of compassion and unlimited emotions, which is not known to the world yet. We have mostly seen Dev as a sharp, witty, resilient, dependable, thoughtful and a responsive investigator. However it would be truly exciting to know the other side of him.




In one of the upcoming episodes Dev is heard talking about the immense pain one goes through on losing someone very dear and close to heart, he adds on saying that nobody knows about that feeling better than him! Hmmm….this surely means his past has some more secrets that have left deep impressions in his life and are yet to be revealed.




Going further, at another event he speaks of how he doesn’t get along with children yet the same kids melt his heart with their innocence making him forget all his worries. Well, that’s contradictory yet interesting too right? But this is what is going to make the show thoroughly engrossing coming weekend!

Watch this weekend to know what the hidden truth of ‘Dev’ is!

Watch on Sat-Sun at 10 PM!

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