This week: Hanumaan finally reaches out to Shani for help.

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The story of ‘Shani’ is getting even more interesting. This week we will witness how Sanghya and Indra plan to make Hanumaan more powerful than Shani and bigger than him in all aspects. Indra convinces Hanumaan to get trained under Surya dev and gain all the knowledge.






Hanumaan takes every possible measure to ensure Surya dev becomes his mentor. However, even after repeated attempts Hanumaan isn’t able to see that happening, precisely because Surya dev gets irked at Hanumaan's antics and hunger for food. He refuses to teach him.






After seeing no results, Hanumaan reaches out to Shani for help unwillingly. Shani assures Hanumaan that he will help him in every way he can. Looking at this Sanghya and Indra grin thinking; by this Shani is inviting trouble for himself.






Eventually Shani talks to Surya dev and requests him to guide Hanumaan, on this Surya dev reveals the real reason why he isn’t teaching anything to Hanumaan. He says he can’t give divine knowledge to a vaanar who is so irresponsible, as Hanumaan is already blessed by all deities and Mahadev. Surya dev says Hanumaan will misuse his powers.


Intervening in between Shani says, a mentor has all the rights to choose his disciple, adding to that he also says that Surya dev will have to become his mentor if Hanumaan is able to prove that he isn’t irresponsible. Surya dev agrees to this.


What will happen after that? Will Hanumaan be able to do this?


To know, keep watching ‘Shani’


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