This sight of Housemates would make you believe they are different!

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There is a peculiar thing that I have noticed in Sonali. Even if she knows that Pritam and Praneet are being sarcastic, funny or non-serious for that matter, Mamba doesn’t realize and takes those as compliments! *Bwahahaha* Something similar happened yet again when the two were sitting on one of the benches and Sonali sat in between to join them. Looking at her Pritam quipped “Tum humaare saath baith kar hum sab par ehsaan karti ho,hum toh kuch bhi nahi hain ek high class ladki ke saamne.” Pointing at Pritam, Praneet said “Issko dekho,kya hai yeh! Ek RJ! Aur mujhe dekho main kya hun? Ek actor?,hum sab toh tumhaare saamne kuch bhi nahi hain”. Sonali sat unperturbed about every comment.

This house will turn into a mad house with so many funny characters around. Gautam was caught sleeping in the day time by Karishma but when she told Gautam not to, he showed her a, you won’t believe, “Babaji Ka Thullu!” Not only this, I was Ali being trained by Upen to build a great physique and Ali aims to be getting in good shape by next Saturday! *Rofl* I mean seriously? After every half an hour’s interval Upen made him exercise. In fact he was even deprived of normal food!




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