This is how Gautam became Ali's next target!

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Just before Mahek and Ali had the big fight, Ali was involved into a spat with Gautam. Yesterday, we all saw how he has been provoking Gautam upfront and caught hold of him in the washroom area. Initially, Gautam tried to ignore him and move on but then others started supporting Ali and said that Gautam didn’t do team work in the Luxury budget task. Pritam, Karishma, Dimpy were all there and made Gautam feel answerable. All Gautam wanted to say was he didn’t want to play a dirty game. Ali thought to take it on another level when he realized that wasn’t enough. He started accusing Gautam and made comments below the belt. Ali called Gautam the most fake and a dufferandu!! Things between him and Gautam had already started getting worse one after another since yesterday. Especially, Gautam’s lack of support in team work for the luxury budget task added more fuel to the fire. Gautam felt extremely bad on being called- Nakli and Dufferandu.

Slowly as things settled, Gautam tried explaining his point of view first to Karishma, who intently tried hearing out without any fuss. Then Gautam also confronted Pritam separately showing his hurt emotions finding him supporting Ali when he used foul language. Pritam tried understanding Gautam and somewhere felt bad too as he hugged him tight and said he still loves him!

Now, It will be interesting to see who was right and who was not!

Much more coming up! Keep watching Bigg Boss-Halla Bol!


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