This is how Colors celebrated achai ki Jeet

posted by Seema Chugh, last updated on May 3rd, 2017 at 12:16 pm

The perils in Saumya’s life haven’t ceased to exist. But even after learning the bitter truth about her life of being a Kinnar, she chose not to give up. Her sister Surbhi and husband Harman have struggled relentlessly alongside her if not with her. Harman who was hit by the news the most, later came to learn his feelings of care and protection for Saumya.  Saumya who was abducted by the Kinnars wanted to set herself free from that environment at the earliest. Harman and Surbhi worked as a team to make sure this happened despite the extreme hurdles that met this plan of action. Harman took up the responsibility of getting Nimmi’s daughter back to her and even if he had to wage through terrible troubles for the same, he did it. He succeeded in his mission. 

Just like the doings of a God don’t need a set time and date, a divine intervention isn’t a castle of pretense. There are times man thinks of himself in a towering way and thinks there is no divine authority higher than him. Such a time leads birth of  people like Kusum Sundari, who in the name of religion mislead people and create a herd mentality amongst the masses of leading them on the right path. Eventually their evil doings and toying around with people’s pure faith meets God’s powerful act. Devanshi's birth is no less than a miracle. Her purity and compassion will win over the cruel intentions of her namesake mother Sarla who wants to use her adopted daughter as ploy against Kusum Sundari. Devanshi will eventually lead the people to believe in her beyond the image of ghungroo wali maaiya. 



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