Think Nominations with mutual agreement is possible in this house?

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This week’s nomination was tricky once again. Big Boss called out two housemates together in the confession room. The two were not chosen randomly but very tactfully called out the two, who actually had a difference in opinion, together. The two housemates chosen in a pair were then asked to Nominate one housemate, who according to them should go. Mutual consent of both was the googly that  was thrown at the housemated. 

The pairs were Karishma-Puneet, Gautam-Upen, Ali-Praneet. Now keep guessing what would have happened in the confession room.

The first pair who entered the confession room was Pritam and Sonali. There wasn’t much of hassle as the two decided on Karishma, for obvious reasons of Karishma being partial during the party task and her self-centred nature that they all were dealing with every since the beginning of the show. Next were Puneet and Karishma, it was funny how they didn’t even look at each other while discussing. As Karishma took Gautam’s name, Puneet did Upen’s. In short it was getting troublesome for them to have consensus on one name. After a lot of debate they finally came to one name. Funniest duo was Praneet and Ali, who were hilarious inside the cinfession room. Anything and everything they do together comes out to be hilarious for the audience!


So, who were the four contestants nominated for the week? Whose name did Dimpy take for direct nomination?


Watch all this in tonight’s episode @9pm.



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