These actors shared their fond memories of Valentine's Day.

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Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in one’s own unique way. Who wouldn’t want to be around their loved ones on this beautiful day that celebrates love?


We got in touch with our celebrities asking them to share their sweetest memories of Valentine’s Day.


This is what they said.


Arjun Bijlani – There isn’t just one memory, but for me every Valentine’s Day becomes special because the first person who wishes me on this day every year is my mother, and she is my sweetest Valentine. Even today I am shooting and while I was leaving in the morning I received a message from her wishing me.





Aalisha Panwar – I am single right now but I am hoping to have someone in future.  I remember when I was in Shimla I celebrated this day with my female friends every year. We partied and cut cakes. It’s a day to celebrate love, and I believe you don't always need a partner to celebrate Valentine's Day. I also remember a moment when my younger sister Aarohi gifted me a teddy bear and chocolates on this day and that was really sweet of her!





Swarda Thigale –  My mother's birthday falls on Valentine’s Day, so two years back on this day I and my father thought of making the day really special for her. We didn't let her do anything firstly, also we made some nice breakfast for her . Every hour we surprised her with a gift. Then we all went out for lunch and  a movie. In the evening my mom and dad went for a candle light dinner.





Rubina Dilaik – I believe in creating memories each moment, today Abhinav has got me out to a beautiful place and we are now in this moment creating some beautiful memories.





Pooja Sharma – Well, this happened last night when my little niece stayed up till 12 o’clock so that she could video call me and be the first one to wish me. She has her exams going on, so she would ideally wrap up and go off to bed, but last night she didn’t because she knows I am away from my family shooting in Umbergaon, so she wanted to brighten up my Valentine’s Day.This clearly shows that you essentially don’t need a lover to celebrate this day.  






Meera Deosthale – I have never had a proper Valentine’s Day celebration though, but I remember when I was in 9th grade I got a rose from someone, that has been a very sweet Valentine's Day memory for me. 



We wish all the viewers of COLORS 'A very Happy Valentine's Day.'

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