There is no love, then why does it look like a Love triangle?

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Post the reward that Sonali gave Dimpy and not Upen, latter was seen staying more aloof from Sonali. Sonali somewhere sensed this and tried sticking around Upen trying to cajole him in every way possible but this time Upen ensured he doesn’t fall in her trap! He tried to move away from the place wherever she followed him.


In fact in one of the incidents during the day when Sonali was supposed to dance and perform along with Upen and Gautam for the evening in front of some special guests, she refused to do rehearsals. She refused to even perform with Upen! Now this was because Karishma just got in between to teach a few steps to Upen. It irked Sonali to an extent that she called-off the idea to do the final dance with him. As the time passed, people tried convincing her including Upen and Karishma to co-operate, but she paid no heed at all. Karishma couldn’t control and said “Sonali why do you feel so insecure of me?” 

Whether they want it or no, but for others it’s clearly looking like a love triangle. Dimpy too believes the same and she teases them as well. Though, Karishma made fun of Upen, saying how Sonali has one-sided love for him. Do you think this is taking them all anywhere?


Let’s watch tonight how the Christmas celebration was in house!


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