The unbelievable tie between Bannet Dosanjh & Sukhdeep Singh

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 17th, 2017 at 3:33 pm

Rising star is the new talk of the town with its unique take on reality TV. The LIVE voting, host interactions and Duels ki Takkar are some of the features that make Rising Star the most exclusive show there is.


But something unbelievable has happened on this incredible show last weekend. A never seen before tie! That too between two exceptional participants. So let’s rewind a bit and see how it all went down, shall we?


Sukhdeep sets the bar


It all started with Sukhdeep taking the stage to perform the iconic song ‘Tu mane ya na mane’ which got him much love from the judges as well as the audience. He got 92% on the voting meter, which was insanely impressive!  




Bannet gives a tough fight

Just when we thought Sukhdeep’s performance was unbeatable, Bannet gave a mind-blowing start to the song ‘Ramta Jogi’ and effortlessly carried the whole song. The voting meter sped up to reach 92% and as we held our breaths for it to cross the mark, it stopped!




The tie-breaker!


Yes, we couldn’t believe it either. They were both on 92% and nobody knew what to do next. After expressing disbelief, the experts proposed that we take them both to the next round. But as there were rules in place for such an event, the curators calculated the votes in decimals and Bannet was declared as the winner with the margin of 0.5%.




All in all, it was a nail-biting episode and everyone really enjoyed themselves!


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