The story of 'Mahakaali' to revolve around Mahadev & Parvati's children this weekend.

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After having her son Vinayak back to life, Mahakaali calms down and gets back to Parvati swaroop. Soon she realizes that someone is remembering her and calling out ‘mother’, within moments Parvati senses the voice is of her son, Andhak who lives with his foster father. Andhak is blind and his only desire is to have his mother (Parvati) by his side.





Parvati feels overwhelmed and runs to meet her son. Mahadev stops her midway advising that she may go to meet Andhak but the consequences of her being with him will be dangerous, Mahadev reminds Parvati that Andhak was created with the negative energies of both Mahadev and Parvati, hence his nature will reflect the same.





Parvati’s heart melts after meeting her son. Andhak requests her to take him along. As Parvati is about to enter Kailash Mahadev stops them and says Andhak cannot enter Kailash because he isn’t allowed to.



This weekend we will see Parvati introducing Andhak to Ganesh/Vinayak. Andhak will have the feeling of jealousy meeting him. Mahadev will tell Parvati that Andhak needs wisdom for which he will have to seek guidance from someone else; other than his own parents. The story will also show a fight between Kartikeya and Andhak.





Andhak to be sent for learnings with a sadhu. Parvati’s motherly love will make her feel sad for being separated once again from her son.





On the other hand Kartikeya will show his anguish over the fact that Ganesh is called ‘Pratham Pujya’.



How will Parvati and Mahakaali explain him this?



To know the full story keep watching ‘Mahakaali’ Sat-Sun at 7 PM!

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