The perfect girl - Ishani! #MATSH

posted by Anup Kadam, last updated on November 21st, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Her life has not been her own for a long time now. From her childhood till now she has been going through pain, hurt and a lot of trouble but whatever role she has been given she has always played it well.

Be that of a daughter, a grand daughter,  a sister, a friend and now a wife, Ishani has always given everything to her relationships and that is the reason why it won’t be an exaggeration to say that she is the perfect girl. 

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that bring out the perfection in her

1.A perfect daughter:  She was her dad’s favorite and shared the most beautiful relationship with him. Even though they weren’t blood-related, Harshad Mehta loved his daughter to the core and considered her his arrogance and pride. Ishani too from her side, always considered him to be her superhero and could do anything to prove her love for him. Maybe it’s because of her dutiful daughter qualities that today her biological father Nitin has returned and is trying his best to get back into her life. Ishani can also be called her mother Falguni’s biggest strength and won’t be wrong to say that both mother and daughter complete each other.

2.A perfect sister:  Ishani has always treated step-sister Disha as one of her own, even when the same feelings aren’t reciprocated from the other end. When Disha was caught gallivanting with Rishi, as a sister Ishani made sure to show Disha the difference between right and wrong and stopped her from committing a mistake. Ah, only if Disha could do the same for her loving sister! But let’s not forget that not only with Disha but Ishani has time and again proved her sisterly love even towards her cousins Devarsh and Pratik.

3.A perfect grand-daughter: Now Baa’s not-so-loving-nature is known to one and all and it is more apparent when she’s around Ishani. But that doesn’t stop our Ishani from showering her love on her grandmother. Anytime the family and especially Baa has been in a problem Ishani hasn’t hesitated in stepping up and face the issues.

4.A perfect friend: Her friendship with Ranvir served as a perfect example of being a best friend. But more noteworthy was her friendship with Chirag that she maintained with such dedication and loyalty that she supported him blindly and against all odds. From her end, she gave in her all to this love story but sadly didn’t receive the same in return

5.A perfect wife: Under unfortunate circumstances Ranvir and Ishani got married but probably this is what the destiny had planned. And now maintain respect to this unwanted relationship Ishani is serving her duty as a wife perfectly, not giving her family and Ranvir’s family a chance to complain about anything. Even when Chirag returned and tried to get close to her she remembered her boundaries and the fact that she’s Ranvir’s wife.

We just hope that all differences end between Ranvir and Ishani and maybe we get to see Ishani’s next quality – the perfect mother! 

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